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Water Bath Digital


Presto Stantest manufactures Digital water bath. The testing equipment is widely used in PET & Preform industries to maintain the required temperature inside the chamber to test the quality of the bottles that need to keep for performing the wet process. The instrument is rectangular in shape. The inner part and outer body of the device is fabricated using high quality of stainless steel material that ensures corrosion resistant finish. The device is equipped with a digital controller that maintains the temperature of water bath that offers the accuracy of ± 2ºC . The testing device is equipped with a single wire mesh support tray to coat the furnace at the base.

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    • Inner Size: L 304 x W 304 x H 355 mm
    • Display: LED (Digital) 7 segment
    • Accuracy: ± 2ºC
    • Least Count/Resolution: 1ºC
    • Power: 15A,220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Water circulation: motor type Stirrer Motor
    • Water drain: 1/4 ball valve
    • Temperature Range: Upto 90ºC
    • Heater: 1.5 Kw x 2 nos.

    • Temperature control through PT-100 sensor
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures in the chamber
    • Advanced Digital Microprocessor based PID temperature controller
    • Provision of Set Value(SV) and Process Value(PV) on temperature display
    • The inbuilt Auto tuning function
    • Bright LED display
    • Equipped with rapid heaters for uniform and homogenous heating and maintaining temperature inside the chamber
    • Integral water drain system
    • Inbuilt Calibration feature with reference to master PID controller
    • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through advanced PID controller
    • Stirrer motor for precise stirring of sample inside the tank and for uniformity of temperature
    • Speed regulator for controlling the speed of stirrer

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