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Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

PPTB- 0109

PET bottle are majorly used for packaging of a variety of products and for best safety and hygiene of these products, the PET Bottles must be of best quality. The perpendicularity is a major aspect that defines the quality of PET bottles. In order to ensure that the PET bottles are perfectly perpendicular, it is essential for the manufacturers to test them thoroughly. The Bottle perpendicularity tester by Presto is a major testing instrument that is used by the manufacturers on PET bottles for quality testing of the products. The instrument is easy to use and helps in evaluating any deviations that might be present in the structure of the PET bottle and hamper its perpendicularity.

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    • Range: 0 – 10 mm
    • Least count: 0.001 mm
    • Display: LCD (Digital)

    • Easy and accurate readout
    • Comes with Zero Tolerance
    • Adjustable measurement operations
    • Repeatability in test measurements of bottles/blow molded containers

Reviews of Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

  1. Nitin Garg
    20 Feb, 2016

    Super device to evaluate any kind of deviations that might affect the structure of the PET bottle and that hampers the perpendicularity of the bottles