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Top Load For Jars

Jars are an important component of the packaging industry. From micro- mini sizes to jumbo jars used for the commercial purpose are designed with utmost precision, so as to ensure the safety of the product packed inside. It is very important to be sure that jars are strong enough to bear the load due to external stress, usually stacking load. Generally, in warehouses, the jars are stacked over each other to utilise the space efficiently. Uneven stacking or overloading may result in the appearance of buckling or deformity.

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Presto’s Top Load Tester for Jars is equipped with inverted concave jaws and a load cell. The load sensor of the load cell can be standardized through in-house calibration. The machine works by placing a test specimen between the jaws for zero slippage. The user switches off the machine to view the effect of buckling in the bottle.

    • The equipment is very strong fabricated with heavy cast iron base for easy and safe performance.
    • The machine is equipped with a highly sensitive load sensor which is strategically placed to enable perfect corner to corner load results.
    • Platform Size of the machine to place the sample is 600 mm x 600 mm.
    • The machine provides maximum compression Load up to 500kgf.
    • It offers the Least Count of 100 gms.
    • The testing instrument requires power consumption of 1 KW.
    • It is equipped with a motor 1/4 HP that run on single phase 220V; AC power supply.
    • It is a very useful instrument to test stackability of the finished PET Jars.

    The equipment is supplied complete with calibration certificate and instruction manual.

    • The position of the bottle is inverted between two concave jaws for gripping support.
    • Switch off option with the machine after screening buckling in bottles.
    • Equipment supplied along with imported kit support
    • Fully automatic and motorized tester in digital format
    • The option of load sensor calibration.

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