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Top Load Tester – Computerised

PTL-0105 (C) (Wintest)

Top load testing is performed to assess the load bearing strength of the packing when applied from the top. This gives a behaviour analysis of the product when stacked over each other. Usually during transportation and warehousing. Product failure after dispatching from the manufacturing plan brings bad reputation to the manufacturer. This involves the cost of rejection and cost of wastage. To cut down all these failures, top load tester is used to analyse the buckling strength of the product. Apart from determining the strength, it helps in identifying the weak points in the structure.


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    • Model available in various Load Range: 100Kgf (50 Kgf on request)
    • Accuracy: ± 2% full scale(with master load)
    • Least Count/Resolution: 100 gm
    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Display: Digital & Graphical
    • Communication Port: RS 232
    • Test Speed:  24 ±5 mm / min.
    • Grip to Grip Separation: Min. 25 mm & Max. 500 mm

    • Inverted straight plates for zero slip gripping support
    • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability
    • Option for user to switch off machine in case of buckling of test sample.
    • In-house calibration facility
    • Graph Test report of Force Vs time
    • 10 Sample reports can be seen on 1 report
    • Test report email facility
    • Program profile for programming test parameters and product identification in test report
    • PASS/FAIL criteria can be programmed
    • Data output in graphical and digital display form.
    • Over-travel safety feature

Reviews of Top Load Tester – Computerised

  1. Rajesh Mehta
    02 Jun, 2018

    The computer version is very helpful in terms of extracting testing data in graphical form. There are so many features that are accessible with this version. it reduces our efforts and provides the best and accurate results.