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Top Load Tester – Computerised

Top load testing is performed to assess the load bearing strength of the packing when applied from the top. This gives a behaviour analysis of the product when stacked over each other. Usually during transportation and warehousing. Product failure after dispatching from the manufacturing plan brings bad reputation to the manufacturer. This involves the cost of rejection and cost of wastage. To cut down all these failures, top load tester is used to analyse the buckling strength of the product. Apart from determining the strength, it helps in identifying the weak points in the structure.

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Presto’s Top Load Tester – Computerised Model is equipped with inverted concave jaws and a load cell. The load sensor of the load cell can be standardized through in-house calibration. The machine works by placing a test specimen between the jaws for zero slippage. The user switches off the machine to view the effect of buckling in the bottle.

    • Type: Tabletop Model
    • The instrument offers Grip to Grip Separation from 25mm to maximum 350mm.
    • Load Sensor: Universal ‘S’ Type / Pancake Type
    • Load Sensor Accuracy: +0.5% of the Load Cell capacity.
    • The load sensor offers Autodetect / sensing that can be done through advance electronics
    • Over Load / Travel Safety: Auto stop facility through software: 10% above the load cell capacity / Inbuilt
    • Computer & Printer: Computer and Printer are required to attach to the instrument to analyze the results. The computer is not a part of the offer.
    • It consumes the power 220-240V AC, 50Hz, Single Phase.
    • Company logo, Batch, Lot Number, Date & time and Tested by Details are available in the report, which can be saved in the computer, emailed or printed for ready records.
    • Capacity: 100 Kgf
    • Speed: Fixed

    • The position of the bottle is inverted between two concave jaws for gripping support.
    • Switch off option with the machine after screening buckling in bottles.
    • Equipment supplied along with imported kit support
    • Fully automatic and motorized tester in digital format
    • The option of load sensor calibration.

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