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Bottle Burst Tester – Digital

The bottle burst tester manufactured by Presto is a very effective and competent testing instrument that is used for testing the strength and quality of the PET bottles, cans and packs that are used in CSD lines of carbonated drinks. The instrument determines the bursting strength of the PET bottles by placing it inside the cavity of the instrument. Then a specific amount of pressure is exerted on the bottle at a controlled increased rate. The pressure inside the test bottle is increased to a level when the bottle burst due to the pressure.

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In this way, the bursting pressure of a bottle can be measured accurately. The wall thickness, the design and shape of the bottle also have a great impact on the test results and this testing instrument is used for efficient testing of these parameters and help the manufacturers in evaluating the best level of quality of the PET bottles. With the instrument, important values like expansion volume and burst pressure are easily and accurately determined.

    • The instrument is operated from a power supply of 110V/220V.
    • The instrument has hydraulic controls and assembly for pressure exertion on the test samples.
    • It is also incorporated into a feature called auto pressure hold facility.
    • There are accessories like a filter, regulator, pressure compressor, are provided with the instrument.
    • The instrument is fabricated with a strong, secure steel casing for better protection of the users.

    • The equipment is operated with the use of standard 7 bar compressed air connection.
    • The instrument offers a faster testing cycle.
    • The machine is designed to display Pass/Fail Status on the display screen.
    • The instrument supports the USB data interface for faster transfer of test data.
    • The machine has the feature of self-calibration.
    • There is also an auto sample holding facility provided with the machine.
    • Automatic alarm buzzer facility which is triggered when the test procedure is completed.

2 Reviews of Bottle Burst Tester – Digital

  1. Pramod Gupta
    20 Feb, 2016

    Bottle Burst Tester is ergonomically designed instrument. The quality of the instrument is very good as it is designed as per the standard. Measuring the bursting strength of bottles has now becomes a very easy task. This helps us to make check of Quality tested on the products easily.

  2. Deepak
    27 Feb, 2016

    Five words for bottle burst tester – simple, easy, excellent, precise, and good.

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