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Test Preform Quality for Improved Bottle Production

PET material is highly utilized in the bottle industry to manufacture PET bottles and containers. They are the most selling material across the globe. PET preforms are the pre-structures manufactured prior producing the main bottle. Testing the preform quality can deliver a manufacturer solution for improving the product further. Among many testing procedures, there is one very common and often used test method – Polarization test. This test is conducted using an efficient testing equipment.

Polariscope Strain Viewer is an advanced optical technology used for testing the transparency of PET preforms in Bottle industry. It is based on the polarization principle, according to which when polarized light passes through a Preform, it highlights the strain and stress distribution in the specimen. Even a slightest flaw is highlighted in rainbow color patterns. These patterns are formed as per the stress distributions. To understand the flaw better, a preform defect chart is also available with the machine. The chart displays numerous forms of possible colored pattern which can be detected in the test and what it means.

The machine is equipped with two high intensity lights, namely, Monochromatic Light and Sodium Lamp.

It offers a sharper and clearer vision for precise inspection. User can inspect the sample using two angle viewing platforms. The specimen can be viewed at 45 and 90 degree angle. A high resolution camera has been installed to take pictures of test patterns and transfer to your system using integrated POLCOM software. The software helps user to connect the machine with the computer system and extract data on screen.

In this case the standard defect pictures are already loaded in the software program and can be compared easily post-test. Users can utilize the Pick & Place feature to compare the two images, keeping them on one screen. The detail test reports on screen will provide the reason for defects. It ensures easy data management by allowing user to create product details and organise repeatable test data.

Along with observing molecular birefringent flow lines in colored pattern, the black isoclinic lines can also be detected when the sample axis is parallel to the polarizing axis of the viewer.