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Measure The Top Load Strength Of Pet Products With Top Load Tester

The manufacturers in PET Industries has been serving the requirement of a vast number of industries for so many years.

The manufacturers in PET Industries has been serving the requirement of a vast number of industries for so many years. Today, PET containers are preferred as the best and highly appropriate solution to fulfill the need of packaging in all production verticals like pharmaceutical industries, food processing and beverage industries, chemicals manufacturing units. If the packaging of these crucial products is not of best quality, it will lead in degrading the quality of the products that are packed inside which will never be accepted by the consumers as they are consumed directly and are related to the health of the customers. In order to offer the best level of safety to the products, it is essential to ensure that the packaging which is used to pack the products is best in quality and strength. This can be guaranteed only by the manufacturers of these products by testing the quality of these products using stringent quality check measures and various testing procedures to offer high-quality of products to their customers.

The most popular quality assurance procedures that are widely used in PET industries to test the quality of PET containers. These testing procedure helps to ensure that the PET containers that are provided to the clients are strong enough to persist any kind of pressure that are exerted on the products from outside or inside due to adverse working condition. The most popular testing machines that are used to measure the top load strength and quality of the PET products is Top load Tester.

The end products from the manufacturing units are transported in proportions and are stacked one above the other. This exerts huge pressure on the top of the bottles that can deform the shape of the bottle and sometimes leads to bottle burst. This deformation can also hamper the quality of the products that are packed in these packages. Hence, it is essential to ensure the safety of the products by testing the quality of PET bottles. This can be done by measuring the “Top load strength” or “Stacking Strength” of the PET products. The best testing machine which is recommended to test the top load strength or stacking strength of the PET bottles is “Top Load Tester”. The device helps to measure the maximum compressive load that a bottle or container can easily bear without affecting the shape of the bottle.  For more information on Top Load tester, consult our experts.

How to Perform Test on PET Bottles with Top Load Tester?

The test with the bottle can be commenced with the help of top load tester by placing a set of 12 bottles on the instrument and force is set through the digital panel of the machine to provide compressive buckling load to the specimen. This procedure helps to analyze accurately the maximum force that bottles can tolerate during transportation.  For best results, always buy a top load tester from a reputed manufacturer.

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