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Test Pressure Tolerance of Soda Bottle with ASTM C147 Tester

Soft drink Bottle producer are expanding paying special mind to new method of value control to guarantee that their item can be made increasingly impervious to blasting disappointments. To check the bottle execution under raising weight, one must depend on a machine which can convey both progression and exactness with approved institutionalization – Bottle Burst Tester.

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The test hardware gives condition to leading weight and volume development testing strategies on PET Bottles utilized for conveying Soda refreshments. The test machine can be worked utilizing 290 psi of Input weight. The standard measurements required for the example containers’ neck is from 21 mm to 24.6 mm. What’s more, a wide scope of containers can be utilized for testing with a breadth of greatest 150 mm.

The whole task and test outcomes show depends on an advanced program. The showcase screen is outfitted with LED lights for a clearer vision amid low light conditions. The changed over weight esteems are exact to decimal range with ± 2% of Accuracy. The testing weight ranges from 0 to 260 psi. The machine can be effectively worked with a power supply of 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz as it were. The advanced test clock appears at 4 digits numerical.

There is a solitary push catch for both begin and stop of the tasks. The material utilized for building the hardware is a high evaluation gentle steel with erosion safe completion. The test chamber is given Heavy obligation switch clasp to guarantee security amid running high weight test process. Presto’s Bottle burst analyzer is an extremely helpful testing instrument utilized for testing jars and packs, CSD line bottles for the most part where pressurized lines of carbonated fluid are filled. The example is set immovably at the opening and weight as air is applied at a controlled weight.



The thickness of the dividers and the structure of the container assume an essential job in this parameter, and the productivity of the plan of a bottle is tried by this instrument. By testing the containers, essential things like the bottle extension volume and the burst weight are resolved. The testing machine is additionally furnished with a computerized pre-settable clock with the greatest time limit as long as 999 seconds. The machine likewise offers auto cut off office.