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Ensure The Strength Of Pet Bottles By Measuring The Wall Thickness

These PET containers are used widely the consumable products that are related to the well-being of the people.

The PET products are widely used to pack a large number of products. These PET products are extensively used as an excellent medium of packaging the products in different industries because they are good enough in quality as compared to that of other available means of packaging like metal cans, aluminum containers and glass containers, etc. These PET containers are best in strength as compared to another medium of packaging products as they are non-reactive to the drugs and chemicals and do not discharge any chemical when come in contact with any sort of chemicals. Moreover, the PET products are very affordable as compared to any other medium of packaging. These characteristics make PET products best among all other packaging products to pack drink & beverages, food items, chemical, and pharmaceuticals.

These PET containers are used widely the consumable products that are related to the well-being of the people. Hence, it is important to measure the quality of the PET produced to ensure that these PET products are best in terms of quality so that best level of safety can be offered to the customers. There is a great need to adopt the manufacturing process along with the quality testing procedures to remove the possibilities of defects from the manufactures products so that the clients are provided with the only topmost quality of products. There are various testing procedures and testing machines that are used to assess the quality of the PET products during the process of manufacturing.

One of the major testing devices that helps to measure the quality of the PET containers perfectly is Wall Thickness Gauge. Wall Thickness Gauges is testing machine which is used to verify the uniformity of the thickness of the wall of non-ferrous materials. The wall thickness is a major attribute that defines the quality of the PET bottles and containers. One of the widely used wall thickness gauges is Magnamike 8600. It is an extremely effective thickness gauge that perform the non-destructive type of measurement of the wall thickness of PET and Plastic Bottles. The instrument work on the principle of Hall’s Effect. Although there are various measuring thickness gauges of PET bottles but the advantages of wall thickness gauges is that it does not require to cut the bottles. The instrument work on the basis of a magnetic probe that offers exact measurement without deforming the original shape of the bottle. With the highly precise Magnamike 8600, it becomes easy for the manufacturers in PET industries to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles.

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