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Preform Perpendicularity Tester

PPT - 0108

Presto’s Perpendicularity Tester is widely used to test the perpendicularity of Preforms. The testing instrument is incorporated with a basic turnable where the sample of the Preform is placed to revolve in accordance with the probe and to analyze the differences in the movements of the Preforms accurately.

The product is designed by the highly skilled technocrats of Presto to offer highly reliable results and to detect the least deviation from perpendicularity. The testing device is equipped with a digital counter to read the movements. The instrument offers the least count of 0.001 mm

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    • Range: 0 – 10 mm
    • Least count: 0.001 mm
    • Display: LCD (Digital)
    • Preform Holder Diameter: As per requirement

    • Easy and accurate readout
    • Comes with Zero Tolerance
    • Adjustable measurement operations
    • Repeatability in test measurements of preforms

Reviews of Preform Perpendicularity Tester

  1. Kaushik Amit
    20 Feb, 2016

    Amazing device to detect the least deviation from perpendicularity. The digital counter to read the movements offers highly accurate results.