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Polariscope Strain Viewer

Presto Stantest introduces Polariscope, a preform strain viewing testing machine which is used to measure the quality of the preforms. The working principle of the instrument indicates that if there is any change in the refractive index of a material, it will show the strains in the Preforms which will severely affect the quality of the PET bottles.

Presto manufactures Polariscope in different designs and sizes like Polariscope for performs and Polariscope for glasses to meet the requirement of different customers

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Presto’s Polariscope testing instrument is a strain viewer which is used to analyze the strains in the Preforms and glasses. The instrument is designed with the heavy metallic base and painted with the combination of gray and blue colour that offers an elegant finish to the instrument. Apart from that, the device is also plated with bright chrome plating that ensures corrosion resistance finish. The device is supplied complete with a user manual and a calibration certificate which is perceptible to NABL approved labs. It is the best solution to check the quality of the Preforms to design high-quality of PET bottles.

    • The instrument provides the viewing area of 260mm x 260mm.
    • The dimension of the testing instrument is 445 x 280 mm.
    • Preform Defect chart (as an option accessory) is provided with the instrument to analyze the defects easily.
    • The machine works on the power supply of 220/240V.
    • The Net weight of the instrument is 20 Kg.

    • It is equipped with two lights of high intensity
    • Monochromatic light to analyze the defects which are usually ignored in white lights.
    • White lights.
    • The viewing area, open from three ends that ensures easy placement of the specimen and helps to view the test process easily.

Reviews of Polariscope Strain Viewer

  1. Ashutosh Shandilya
    20 Feb, 2016

    Identifying the defects in Preforms has now become easy with Presto’s Polariscope. Analyzing the defects under natural light is difficult to see. It is a single step process that helps to measure the quality of the preform by determining the defect under polarized light.

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