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PI Tape


Presto Stantest designed “PI Tape”, a measurement gauge, to easily measure the diameter of a cylindrical item in a single and easy measurement. The measurement tool is constructed using a steel of high strength. The PI tape is designed to work in the laboratory that provides years of reliable services. The equipment is available with two different measurement units i.e. Metric and English.

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    • Material: High Strength Steel
    • Diameter: 20 – 300 mm
    • Circumference: 60 – 950 mm
    • Least Count: 1 mm

    • Offers quick and accurate process for reading diameters of round and cylindrical items.
    • Suitable for measuring thin/soft walled parts.
    • Made from High Strength Steel.

Reviews of PI Tape

  1. Surender Sharma
    20 Feb, 2016

    Just to measure the diameter of circular objects. It helps to measure the diameter in two different units i.e. Metric and English. It is simple to use. Best device to use in laboratories.