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Presto manufactures Drop Tester to analyze the transport value of various materials like PET bottles, containers, corrugated boxes, solid fiber boxes and other shipping containers. The testing machine is duly fitted with and angular drop arrangement to determine the transport value of the packages and containers from all the sides and angles.

The drop test is performed to measure the drop strength of the fiber boards, cartons, and containers to measure the vertical impact of free drops during transportation. The test can be performed more than one time to analyze various conditions that usually occur on a package at the time of handling and transit. It is the best instrument which is used to measure the performance of the containers and to analyze the quality of the design of the products before and after the production process.

Presto offers two types of Drop Tester namely,

  • Drop Tester for Corrugated Boxes
  • Drop Tester for Bottles

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The Drop test is a crucial test which is performed to measure the effect of shocks that occurs during transit to eliminate the chances of progressive deterioration and corrosion of products. The instrument is widely used in various production verticals to demonstrate the strength of plastic bottles, containers, and corrugated boxes. The device is also provided in various specifications to fulfill the demand of different customers.

  • 1) Drop Tester
    • Height of the testing equipment is 1.2 meter. The height of the drop can also be adjusted as per the requirement. (Models with high height are also available).
    • Load up to 50-kilograms can be uploaded on the instrument.
    • The maximum height of drop with the instrument can be set up to 1800mm, and a minimum height of drop required to perform the test is 500 mm.
    1) Drop Tester For Bottles

    Drop Tester is basically used in PET & Preform industries to measure the drop strength of all types of PET bottles to resist any sort of breakage or deformation when the bottle is dropped from a certain height and under a certain pressure. Presto Stantest is a world’s leading manufacturer of Drop Tester for bottles. The instrument is widely preferred by all the manufacturers of PET Bottles to assure the quality of their products.

    • The best instrument to test the quality of PET bottles, cans, containers and corrugated boxes.
    • The testing machine is provided with a user manual and a calibration certificate.
    • The instrument offers highly accurate and repeatable test results.

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