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Computerised BOD Incubator Prima Series

PRESTO introduces the BOD Incubator Computerised Prima Series is incorporated with all latest technology. This is the ideal environment chamber that has lowest heat ratio due to the high quality of insulation with imported glass wool. The instrument has complete digital control and is designed for the comfort of the ergonomics and end users.


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The inner chamber of the device is stainless steel with outer body mild steel. There is an inbuilt light with a sensor to indicate auto ON-OFF when the door is opened. The device has front doors that can be locked. The double door has glass so testing can be observed without touching the samples.

    • The inside size of the machine is 18” X 18” X 28” ( 455mm X 455mmX750mm)
    • The temperature range is between 0 – 70 degree C.
    • The instrument has Digital Graphical LCD display.

    • There are eight profile programming.
    • Different temperatures are setting for different time intervals.
    • The automatic heat cool operation control is available.
    • There is soft power on-off key with feather touch key operation for menu driven system.
    • Advance Autotune PID temperature controlling with 0.1 degrees C resolution and accuracy
    • The instrument has PT-100 type sensor.
    • The user can set multiple parameters easily with the help of Menu Driven system.
    • There is an alarm output for alerting about the process starts and system stops.
    • Alarm sounds for high and low temperature too.
    • The device has LEDs indications for Heating, Cooling, Timer, Fan, Alarm
    • The tool is provided with SSR-based output controls and fan relay for fan operation.
    • Password Protection provided for security.
    • The Real Time Clock and PID parameters set table are present.
    • Name feedable at the user
    • For data logging, RS232 /USB interface is provided.

Reviews of Computerised BOD Incubator Prima Series

  1. Saurabh Dutt
    13 Feb, 2016

    Thanks to Presto for introducing the new Prima Series of BOD incubator. The device is simply amazing. The automatic heat & cool operation control of the device is simply amazing. The eight profile programming systems are superb. Happy to buy the product.

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