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Colour Matching Cabinet

Spectrum I -(Asia)

Color is a major constituent of any material or product. The color of a product has a great effect on the customers on a psychological level. This implies that manufacturers need to take extra care of the color quality and consistency of their products. The color matching cabinet offered by Presto is a major testing instrument that is widely used in different industries for the purpose of color testing and measuring. The instrument is used for re-creating the actual lighting conditions that are faced by products when they are being used.

The instrument is incorporated into an array of light sources that replicate the actual lighting conditions according to different regions of usage. The color matching cabinet offered by Presto is a majorly used in the industries where the color of the products is a fundamental quality requisite such as plastics, electronics, paints, automotive and so forth.

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    • Angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
    • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
    • Lights: D 65 Artificial Daylight,TL 84 Triphosphor Fluorescent Light (Point of Sale),UV Black light Ultra Violet Black Light, TFL Tungsten Filament Light, CWF Cool White Light
    • Time Totalizer accuracy: ± 0.2% over entire range
    • Viewing Area: L 675 x W 455 x H 400 mm
    • Time Totalizer Least Count: 1/10 h
    • Read out: 99999.9 hr.
    • Size of tube light: 2 Feet

    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High-Quality Light sources used.

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