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Evaluating the Stress Distribution of Syrup Bottles

The PET material is not only a part of the bottles but is also utilized in the pharma industry to produce containers and bottles. The manufacturers of syrup bottle take lots of initiatives to build a very tough material for PET containers, as they understand that this material will be coming in contact to reactive chemical, tablets and much other stuff like that. The issues which are faced by the Syrup PET containers is the weakening of wall due to the undistributed material through the container. And this is something which can’t be detected by the naked eyes. Hence, you need an accurate method and instrument by which you can notice the minute and even the slightest stress and strain distribution which i=can define the uneven distribution among the container body. This can be done by using an accurate measurement machine, Polariscope strain viewer.


The syrups are a vital product part of the pharma industry. Mostly when people or maybe elders and small kids have issues gulping the allopathic tablets, the doctors suggest them to take the dose in syrup form. And the most common one may be the cough syrup and the nutrition tonics. This syrup bottle was earlier used to be made up of glass material. But the problem with these was that the medicines are a very costly affair and must be handled very carefully, these bottles were in turn sensitive to breakage. One slight push and the glass smashes down to the floor. Therefore manufacturers turned their choice towards the PET material. Other than being non-reactive to maximum chemicals they are also very safe and easy to handle. If at all it gets dropped down, it will never break down and will retain the medicine inside.



During the production process of PET containers for syrups, the process called as blow moulding is followed and in that the preforms are moulded in distinct shapes and sizes of PET containers. This type of process of production involves extreme heating and the sudden cooling off. This, in turn, involves the process of expansion and contraction, due to which the material sometimes is not settled in distributed in an even form. They get accommodated may be in few particular areas in a disturbed manner. This type Pet container will have issues in standing straight or may get easily pierced at the thinner area when get impacted by a sharp object. Therefore detecting the stress and strain distribution in the preforms using Polariscope strain viewer is the best method by which one can assure the quality required by customers. The machine helps you in detecting even slightest strain and make positive changes in the production process. Detection of flaws at the right time can save your brand reputation.