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Evaluate the Section Weight Analysis of Edible Oil Bottles

It is a well-known fact that edible oil is an essential part and parcel of our meal. It not only helps our food to cook well and smell delicious but also maintains our health in various ways. A lesser-known fact is that edible oil packaging manufacturers invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that the edible oil retains its quality completely while it is stored. In this post, we will discuss the role of HOT wire bottle cutter in keeping the high-quality of PET containers of edible oils as per the requirement.


During the entire production, it is important to keep a check that the product matches all the parameters and criteria set by the customers. Within these criteria, the most often demanded quality factor is the section weight analysis. The section weight analysis process is a very sensitive procedure in which a bottle is cut into three distinct sections, namely, top, middle and bottom. These sections are weighed separately to see if they pass the given selection criteria or not.

But during this procedure, the common mistake which operators do commit – is the incorrect slicing of the bottle sections. This can lead to wrong weight analysis and thus, faulty reports could be generated. In order to assure high accuracy in the slicing procedure, one must use a standardized and accurate testing apparatus such as the HOT wire bottle cutter.



The machine is used to cut the PET bottle sections precisely. It has a capacity of testing bottle sample ranging from 200 ml to 2500 ml having a maximum diameter of 110 mm. It cuts the bottle into three specified sections, namely – top, centre and bottom. Each of these parts can be the checked for their weight further, it can be assessed if the bottle complies with the given quality standards and has ideal wall thickness distribution on them or not.  The display screen allows the operator to manage and observe heating parameters. Strong holders are equipped to provide strong sample clamping to ensure no slippage during the test. It is also available with 2-wire or 3-wire configuration as per customer requirement. It is suitable for testing PET bottles, jars and a container of variable sizes.

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