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Ensure The Best Quality Of Blown PET Bottles With Effective Testing Of PET Preforms

Birefringence and Photoelasticity are two major problems that are found in the PET preforms and affect the quality of bottles to a great extent. The manufacturers of PET bottles need to ensure that they only use completely defect free preforms to ensure that the final products manufactured by them are free from any sort of defect that may lead to rejection. The manufacturers need to ensure that they test the preforms prior to blow molding process so that there are no chances of inducing a quality defect in final blown bottles. To check the defects like birefringence and photoelasticity in PET preforms, a testing instrument called Polariscope Strain Viewer is used. The polariscope is an optical analysis instrument that uses polarized light to analyze the defects and quality flaws present in a given specimen.

For testing the problem of stress distribution in the preform, the specimen is taken and put on the viewing field of the instrument. Then a beam of polarized light is made to fall on the specimen. This gives an image of the specimen which is further analyzed by taking reference from the Preform defect chart. In a preform defect chart, there are several different defects listed that might be present in the given specimen.

With the help of this chart, the users can analyze the type of defect present in the specimen such as flash marks, air bubble, short shot, etc. With the help of this analysis, the manufacturers can easily discard the defective pieces and ensure that only defect-free pieces are blown to bottles. This helps in saving a lot of time and money and reduces rejection.

Key Features of Presto’s Polariscope Strain Viewer

  1. The usage of the instrument is very simple and easy.
  2. There are two high-intensity light sources incorporated in the instrument that are bright white light and monochromatic light.
  3. The three side open viewing area is ideal for easy placement and viewing of the test specimen.

Technical features of Presto’s Polariscope Strain Viewer

  1. The testing device comes with a preform defect chart.
  2. The viewing area of the instrument is 260 X 260 mm.
  3. The total size of the instrument is 445 X 280 mm.
  4. The instrument can be operated at a voltage supply of 220/240 V.

With the use polariscope strain viewer, the manufacturers of PET bottles can ensure that they use only the best quality of Preform from blowing bottles that ensure that there is no defect induced in the final blown bottles and ensure delivery of best products to the clients.

By discarding the defective material in initial stages of manufacturing, the manufacturers can avoid huge losses due to products rejections.