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Advanced Mechanism to Conduct Bottle Burst Test

The PET bottle is highly demanded in the market and Manufacturers are introducing new innovation to generate more applications for the product. To do so they require to test every single aspect of the PET container. This post targets the application of carrying pressurized liquid in PRET bottle like carbonated drinks. The pressure generates inside and the load outside must be balanced enough so that the bottle does not burst out the content and your reputation. Testing the pet bottle for its pressure tolerance is the only solution.


Bottle Burst Tester is an efficient testing chamber which is used to test the quality of PET bottle used for carrying pressurized liquids. It smartly evaluates the bottle burst value of PET containers and determines the level at which the bottle will fail and burst out its content under pressure. It will calculate the maximum and minimum limit of pressure the specimen can sustain at the time of loading, transit and storage. It extracts the volumetric expansion of a PET bottle under specified conditions of temperature and pressure. It is designed as per the ASTMC147-86 (2015) test standards. This standard is accepted worldwide for evaluation of burst value in PET industry. Results for your material from this machine will never be rejected anywhere across the globe.

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Fully automated control panel operated using a touchscreen display. The user can fix the test parameters as per the test requirements and can see live test data on the screen as well. To ensure high accuracy in the test results the machine is equipped with hi-tech programs. One can perform repeatable testing with distinct parameters and leave the machine running for hours. The user can extract all important test related information anytime from the program memory. Pneumatic control for setting the pressure inside the chamber delivers zero chances of errors. Bottle burst tester has a renowned clamping mechanism. The universal sized clamps can be adjusted for the various shape of bottles and heights.

Precise detection system allows the user to release the unwanted pressure from the chamber prior to opening the door. This way the safety of the user is ensured. USB portal is given for easy download of test record and transfers to any type of system.

Precise testing and accurate calculation of the bottle burst value lead to improved production and increasing sales figure. For quotation or details on machine specifications, contact here.