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TP800 Spectrophotometer


TP800 spectrophotometer is a major color measuring instrument offered by Testronix. As the colors have a great role in defining the quality and appearance of a product, they also have a great impact on the minds of the customers. The manufacturers of different products acknowledge this fact, and hence they exert a great emphasis on the best color quality and consistency of the products. The color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are best for ensuring the bets color quality and consistency of the products with very simple and easy operations. Presto is an authorized dealer of products of Testronix.


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    • Illumination/Observation system: 45/0 method
    • Integrating Sphere Size: 58 mm (Diameter)
    • Light Sources: Combined LED sources
    • Sensor: Silicon photodiode array
    • Illuminant: D65,D50, A,C,D55, D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12 total 18 light sources
    • Color Space Indices: XYZ, CIE LAB, LCh, Yxy, HunterLAB, CIE LUV
    • Minimum Interval Between measurement: 1.5 s
    • Measuring Aperture: 8 mm (Diameter)
    • Wavelength range: 400~700 nm

    • Capacitive Touchscreen featured
    • The software based output of test results
    • Two standard observer angles
    • Visible Spectrum 400~700 nm Reflectance curve
    • Effective Homogenization ray of lights with Oversized Integrating sphere
    • 45/0 geometrical optics structure
    • Large memory for extensive storage of more than 10000 data.
    • Silicon photo diode array sensor

2 Reviews of TP800 Spectrophotometer

  1. Mitali Dey Sarkar
    20 Feb, 2016

    Best and useful device to define appearance and quality of the products. It has high-quality of sensor that quickly senses the actual color of the material. I got the device along with some accessories like power adaptor, Li-ion battery, operating instruction, CDROM, Data Cable, White and black calibration cavity, wrist strap and so forth. These accessories helps to perform the test easily.

  2. Joginder Bhalla
    18 Jun, 2018

    Customers are demanding colourful containers and innovative design in PET bottles nowadays. and in order to fulfil their demand, we have to sure that the colour doesn’t go wrong and deflect from their given standards. Therefore, we trust on TP 800 spectrophotometry inspection.