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TP310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument


Color measurement is a major requirement in various production verticals to ensure the quality of the products as a whole. The products with high-quality of colors leaves a great impact on the buying behavior of the clients, hence it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and producers to make use of best color measurement techniques to measure the consistency of the colors. To solve this problem, Testronix has introduced TP 310, a highly advanced color measurement instrument, widely used to measure the colors of various products in different industries.

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    • Illumination/Observation system: 8/d (8º illumination angle/diffuse viewing)
    • Measuring Aperture: 8 mm, 4 mm(Diameter)
    • Light Sources: D-65, D-50, A (LED Blue light excitation)
    • Detector: Silicon photoelectric diode
    • Color Spaces Indices: Yellowness & Whiteness color fastness CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b* CIEXYZ CIERGB CIEL*u*v* CIEL*C*h
    • Minimum Interval Between measurement: Approx 1.0s
    • Measuring range: L:0 to 100

    • Adopts accurate camera locating feature
    • Illumination locating for user ease of operation
    • Software-based output of test results
    • Auto white and black calibration
    • Various Color Sources
    • Display of Whiteness, Yellowness and Color Fastness
    • Convenient Operation and ergonomic design

Reviews of TP310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument

  1. Pankaj Mittal
    20 Feb, 2016

    The instrument is very useful as it helps to measure the efficiency and accuracy of the colors of different product specimens so that only the best color quality can be provided to the products. The testing instrument is equipped with highly advanced IC platform and many color sensors that offer various advantages of color measurement to the users. The machine is ergonomically designed using high quality of components that makes it the best color measurement instrument. Thanks to Presto for on time delivery of the instrument.