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Preform Defect Chart

The Preform Defect Charts is used as a referential point in PET & Preform Industries. The chart is used to measure the defects that are analyzed with the help of Polariscope. It is a pictorial representation of the defects. The chart explains that how the defect will look like under polarized lights along with the optimum images for quick reference.

Preform Defect Chart is required by every manufacturer in PET & Preform Industry to view the detail information of the defects. The chart is arranged by the standardization authorities. The chart comprises of three categories of defects that are analyzed under the polarized light. The comparison and classification of defects when analyzed under polarized light.  The chart is used to compare and classify the defects to maintain the records in the laboratories.

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    • Defects Viewed under Natural Light, 45º oriented polarized light, 90º oriented polarized light
    • No. of Defects 12 each in all 3 categories

    • Standardized template for testing samples under Natural and Polarized lights.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High Quality Light sources used

Reviews of Preform Defect Chart

  1. Yaman Chauhan
    20 Feb, 2016

    I have purchased this chart along with the polariscope strain viewer. Various types of defects are mentioned on the chart that usually found on the surface of the Preforms. This chart helps me to reject the samples with defects.