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Polariscope Computerized

Presto’s Polariscope is strategically designed to identify the defects and strains in PET structures and glass structures. It is widely used in the testing of PET preforms and glass structures. It works on the optical principle where refraction of light ray is considered. In perfect structures, polarized light follows a straight path and does not deviate when passes through the medium. When the light encounters any strain or defect like bubble, it deviates from its path and creates birefringence effects. For every defect, an identifiable pattern gets created which is matched with the reference chart. This is a natural phenomenon and thus it becomes easy for the manufacturer to identify the defect based on the birefringence pattern.

The instrument comes with a polaroid lens and incident light. The specimen is strategically placed between the lens and light to make the observations.

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Presto’s Computerised models comes with computer connectivity and completely removes the need to manual comparison. The instrument is accompanied with the software that allows computerized pattern matching, defect identification and report generation.

    • Preform Defect chart (as an optional accessory) is provided with the instrument to analyze the defects easily.
    • The instrument provides the viewing area of 260mm x 260mm.
    • The machine works on the power supply of 220/240V.
    • The dimension of the testing instrument is 445 x 280 mm.
    • The Net weight of the device is 25 Kg

    • Equipped with the camera of very high resolution that has integrated software that supports high definition pictures.
    • The model offers a special place and pick feature that helps to set and compare the images of the perform with the standard image.
    • When an operator wants to view the reason of defect, the instrument automatically reflects the report.
    • The model offers high-quality optics for the sharp and clear view.

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