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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG


Presto Stantest manufactures Hot Wire Bottle Cutter Next Generation Model. The instrument is widely used in PET & Preform industry to cut the PET bottles perfectly. The device is uniquely designed to make simpler the job of bottle cutting and to make the production procedure responsive and productive. Hence, the device is widely used to analyze the quality of the PET bottles. The device is equipped with an adjustable bottle finish holder to hold the extensive array of finishes which excludes the requirement other tools. Also, the adjustable holder of the machine appropriately holds the bottles in a defined manner to cut the bottles appropriately.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG Model is incorporated with digital heat controls to maintain the level of heat which is mandatory to maintain to cut the PET Bottles with the capacities 200ml to 2000 ml having maximum diameter up to 110 mm. The Hotwire section cutter precisely cuts the samples of the bottles in three parts namely, top, bottom and cylindrical. Each part of the bottles can be cut perfectly with the help of Hot Wire Bottle cutter with defined weights as per the requirements to obtain the samples with a uniform distribution of wall thickness. This test ensures various physical and mechanical quality assurance requirements. The process of testing is controlled on the basis of statistical results that are obtained by measuring the each part of a bottle separately.

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    • The testing device is used to cut the sample bottle in three parts namely, Bottom, Top, and Cylindrical.
    • The test machine is fitted with digital controls and displays.
    • The maximum weight of the instrument is 35 kilograms approximately.
    • The dimensions of the instrument are 700mm x 400 mm x 400mm.
    • The instrument requires the power of 0.5 KW and can be operated easily on Single phase, 220 V, 50 Hz, AC.

    • The testing machine is known as section weight cutter and section cutter.
    • The device offers highly efficient, cost effective method of cutting the PET Bottles and containers that are made up of Polyethylene terephthalate material.
    • The instrument offers equal and appropriate sections of bottles for perfect weight analysis.


Reviews of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG

  1. Prateek Deshmukh
    20 Feb, 2016

    Being a researcher in PET & Preform testing laboratory, measuring the balancing quality of PET bottles is a major task for us to perform. Since we have purchased HOT Wire Bottle Cutter, it becomes easy for us to analyze the actual weight of all the section of bottles in order to measure the balancing quality of bottles. Thanks to Presto for manufacturing such a useful and user-friendly product.

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