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Heat Sealer Prima


Heat sealing is a process which is used in PET and packaging industry for sealing of the plastic packaging bags. The heat sealing process locks the products inside the package and keeps it safe. The strength of heat sealing is a major aspect that defines the efficiency of the seal on a plastic bag.

The process of heat sealing involves joining two different surfaces with the help of heat and slight pressure on it. The instrument that is used for this process is a heat sealer prima. Presto offers high-quality Laboratory heat sealers prima that are used in packaging industries to test the strength of the heat seal applied on the plastic packaging products.

The Laboratory heat sealers prima use a heat sealing bar to apply the pressure on the package being sealed along with heat. The instrument is efficient in providing an evaluation of the quality of the packaging materials such as thermally activated adhesives, seal connectors, films, Plastic parts and foil sealing.

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The Laboratory heat sealer prima offered by Presto is equipped with two jaws that are used for application of heat and pressure in the sealed packaging. The jaws can easily be separately heated with each having a different temperature. The force exerted on the film sample is adjusted from 15 to 180 KG as per the requirements. The temperature of the machine can also be adjusted with the help of PID controllers. The instrument is completely pneumatically operated provided with a digital display which is based on microprocessors.

    • The temperature range that can be attained from the device is 500 to 2500
    • The instrument has a least 0.1 degree Celsius.

    • There are three different three types of Jaws available for the instrument that are plain, straight lie and diamond knurling.
    • The force and temperature used for sealing can be adjusted easily.
    • The Laboratory equipment is provided with an important PID temperature
    • The dwelling time that can be set from 0.0 or 9.9 seconds.
    • The machine is entirely based on a microprocessor with digital display.
    • Optional Sealing lengths that are available with the instrument are 150 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm.

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