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Colour Measurement Accessories

The color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are highly efficient in providing consistent color measuring data and ensure that the color quality and consistency of the products is always of the best level. Along with the color measuring instrument, Testronix also offers highly efficient and color measuring accessories that are necessary for best working of the color measuring instruments. These accessories help in extending the functionality of the instruments and provide better efficiency to them with better operational and output. The major accessories that are offered by Testronix include Powder Test Box, Universal Test Components, Instrument Cover with Built-in White Calibration Plate, Quality Control Computer Software, Φ8 mm Extended Measuring Aperture for TP310 color measurement instrument.

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  • Powder Test box

    • The test box has the dimensions of Φ50 x 25mm.

    Universal Test components

    • The universal test components has the dimensions 190x190x85 mm Lx w x h

    Powder Test box

    • The instrument offers simplicity and ease in usage and is mainly used for measurement of

    Universal Test components

    • This is an accessory that provides highly sensitivity. It is usually used for measuring liquids, powders and pastes

    Built-in White calibration

    When the Testronix TP310 are not used, it needs to be covered so that proper protection from dust can be provided to the instrument. It has a built-in white calibration plate that helps in complete calibration of the instrument when it is start-up.

    PC Color Quality Control System Software

    Testronix PC is computer software that is a perfect combination of color measurement instrument, computer science and photonics. The software package offers many color management solutions enterprise and data standardization. It is mainly used for connection of color measurement instruments with the computer using a USB interface. This accessory is a must ah veto make the color measurement instruments more functional and efficient. PC is ideal for analysis of a variety of colors, color samples, database management and color indices analysis. It is one of the major accessories that are used for color quality control management.


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