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Why is Quality Check of Packings Important?

Nowadays, PET has becomes the preferred choice of the manufacturers to pack, store and transport their products safely. Industries like pharmaceutical, F&B, cosmetics, etc. are relying more and more on PET storage due to its non-reactive properties. PET delivers a high level of safety and security to the components packed inside. To ensure the safe delivery, it is first important to ensure the quality of the PET packing. If the packing fails, the components inside gets spoiled and may damage the whole lot. Just imagine a big cosmetic company investing huge money in making high-quality products. If the packing is not capable enough to hold the products safely, what’s the point of investing such a huge sum?

It is a notion that a failed packing means broken packing. However, a packing can fail in terms of spillage, breakage, cracking, buckling, and so on. Thus, different tests are conducted to assess different properties of the PET packing.

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Polariscope is the popular device used in identifying the defects of preforms and glass. Gemmologists also find its use very important in checking the defects in the precious stones. Basically, it is an optical device and works simply on the refractive index of the light. The PET preforms have the tendency to pass the light without any change in its path and so as glass works. The Polariscope has two polaroid lenses and one incident light. The components are arranged in a manner that they are called analyser, incident light and polarizer. The polarizer is in complete alignment with the analyser.

To begin the test, the sample is placed in the assembly and incident light is made to pass through the sample. If the preform is free from any defect, the light would pass without changing its path. On the other hand, if it encounters any defects the light would refract doubly. When this refracted light hits the polaroid lens, it creates a birefringence pattern. What noteworthy is that for every type of defect, the birefringence patterns can be recognised. These patterns are then matched with the preform defect chart to identify the defect type. Another thing to note, the sample is tested at 2 angles, i.e. 45° and 90°.

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Presto offers a wide range of testing instruments to check different properties of the packing under controlled conditions. Polariscope, wall thickness gauge, vacuum leak tester are some common instruments that are widely used for testing of PET packings. For more information, contact our experts.