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How Is Hall Effect Gauging Used for Measuring Thickness Uniformity?

In PET bottle industry it becomes difficult to manage the quality of each and every piece. The reason behind is massive scale production and it is certainly impossible to check each and every piece. However, quality managers can do the testing very deeply but this increase the cost of every PET bottle by many folds.

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What is hall effect?

Hall effect is the electrical principle in which potential difference get produced across an electrical conductor, transverse to the electrical current and perpendicular to the applied magnetic field in the conductor. To put it simply, every time there is a change in the magnetic field and electric current applied to the conductor, there produces a potential difference. Based on this hall effect sensors are designed. These sensors are widely used for the thickness measurement of the non-ferrous materials.

What is Magna-Mike 8600?

Magna-Mike 8600 is portable thickness measurement device. It works on the principle of hall effect sensing. It is a very simple to operate device but gives excellent test results. It comes with a probe having a magnetic tip and a target ball. The probe creates a magnetic field to synchronize the movement of the ball in the tip. The probe has a hall effect sensor to convert the potential difference into an electrical signal.

Features of Thickness Gauge

  • The probe comes with wearable tips having straight, right angle and low profile articulating.
  • The replaceable tips come in 3 shapes – standard, chisel and extended wear.
  • Target ball is available in 3 sizes – 3/16, 1/16, 1/8. Apart from that wire or disk can be chosen as a target.
  • It can measure thickness up to 25.4mm / 1 Inch.
  • It has large coloured VGA display.
  • It has 3 output ports, RS 232, Micro USB and VGA.
  • Measurement update rate is 60Hz.
  • It has alphanumeric data logger
  • It allows to save and recall calibration files
  • Data files can be exported through MicroSD card, in 2 formats; CSV and .txt.
  • New accessory kits (Calibration kits)
  • It comes with a complete calibration kit.
    • Disk Kit
    • Wire target kit
    • Low-profile probe kit

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Magna-Mike 8600 is used in different applications for measuring the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. In the automotive industry, it is widely used to check the thickness of tear seams. In the aerospace industry, it is used in measuring the thickness of turbine blades. It is popularly used in PET bottle industry for measuring thickness of the bottle walls.