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Determine PET Bottle Wall Thickness with Magna-Mike 8600

Plastic Water bottles are utilized by bundling industry in huge scale. They display enormous number of properties that is helpful for the application they are made for. One such quality is the divider thickness. Thickness of plastic water bottle is being investigated under quality control prerequisites. Numerous ventures indicate confined thickness number for a specific area of the container body. Non-dangerous check like Magna Mike 8600 is a decent wellspring of assistance in assessment exact divider thickness.

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The Wall Thickness Gauge is a relentless gadget that uses attractive field methodology to make repeatable and trustworthy estimations on nonferrous materials. The instrument is utilized for Plastic and Glass bottles, Packaging, Automotive tear wrinkles, Aerospace and distinctive applications. Estimation is finished utilizing the rule of Hall Effect sensor. Propelled Display readout (LCD). Repeatability in test estimations can be directed.

Estimations through Target Ball or wire or Disk using Magnetic field. Expandable Thickness reach out up to 25.4mm. Replaceable Wear Caps – Standard and Chisel. Broadened target assurance – ¼ in. Ferrous Target balls or Wire target. Greater Color VGA show screen. Fast estimation rate of 60Hz. Programmable Instrument with clock setting. RS-232/USB/VGA Communication Modes is accessible for test report extraction. Guide Interface to Excel spreadsheet. WINXL interface program introduced.

Produce on board reports. Formed with IP67 rating material. Reasonable case with improved check stand. Low and high examining Alarm. Ability to convey record to MicroSD card in .txt and CSV structure. Inbuilt Calibration Facility given. To start the test procedure, the objective ball is set inside the jug. Spot the test at the outside surface and contact the objective ball. The produced attractive field will separate the exact separation between the ball and the test which is your thickness.



The Magnamike 8600 is a container divider thickness estimation check which utilizes a basic and secure attractive strategy to do repeatable estimations for non-ferrous material testing. The task of the instrument is very direct. The estimation with the gadget should be possible by checking the one side of the example with the attractive test, and circle is put on another side and dropped in a compartment. The Hall Effect system estimates the separation between the test tip and the objective ball. The estimation can be shown rapidly on the shaded showcase screen. Presto Stantest is an approved merchant of Magnamike 8600, an incredibly versatile thickness estimation instrument.