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Detecting Strain Distribution in PET Preforms

PET products are used in almost all production verticals to fulfil the requirement of packaging and refilling of products. Different types of PET containers are used to maintain the freshness, safety and quality of the products. Most of the products that are packed in the PET bottles include beverages, food items, pharmaceutical products, etc. These products need a high level of safety and hygiene hence it is essential for the manufacturers to ensure that the PET bottles used for packaging of these products are of best quality. In this post we will read more about strain distribution using Polariscope in PET preforms.


Preforms are the raw form of bottles that are converted into PET bottles after the procedure of blow molding. If the quality of the preforms is detected right from the initial stage of manufacturing, the quality of the PET bottles can be ensured easily. There are numerous test procedures that are performed on the preforms to ensure their quality. It is good to ensure the quality of the Preforms because it helps the manufacturers to discard the defective pieces of Preforms at the initial stage of production.

How to precisely detect the Strains in PET Preforms?

There are two ways to inspect the quality of the preforms one is inspection under normal light, and another one is inspection under polarized light. Inspecting the preforms visually helps the manufacturers to view various aspects of Preforms such as colors, transparency, shape, appearance and many more.

After inspecting the preforms visually, it is mandatory to inspect the products under polarized light. This inspection can be done efficiently using Polariscope Strain Viewer. The testing device is used to produce highly polarized lights that help to define different quality aspects of the test sample. Testing with Polariscope helps to measure the defects such as crystallization, bad transparency, etc. With the help of Polariscope, it becomes easy for the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries to inspect the defects in the preform.



The Polariscope manufacturers offer different models of testing machines that suit the requirements of each and every industry. In this manner, every industry can find appropriate quality testing solutions for preform testing. The machinery offers a quality testing experience with an advanced level of technologies. It is recommended by more than thousands of manufacturers national and international.

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